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Rolex’s recommendation to you – the most popular classic Rolex watches

3Here following the editor together to have a look at the current market on several of the most popular watches replica. And you will find the unexpected thing before the matter you have learned from the others.

Rolex’s recommended of male watch Explorer II

Rolex Explorer type: to explore the journey and never stop, the explorers are encouraged to challenge the top of the peak, at the end of the polar region, the depths of the earth and fire and volcanoes where no one set foot. In addition to the being of the earth’s discovery, which is the courage, perseverance and spirit of adventure trial is deeper harmony and more high level of product description Rolex Explorer II Explorer watch oyster perpetual Explorer type II is the pioneer and full of adventurous people allegiance.

Explorer spirit of the Rolex, when you cannot distinguish between day and night due to the whole day and night, only a weak light of the sun, it is difficult to distinguish the actual time. To this end, Rolex Explorer type II is specially equipped to identify the day and night functions. For those in need of day stay in the dark cave, cave scientists to work with artificial lighting, this watch can be described as very important survival gear.

Rolex’s recommendation of male watch Rolex submariner

It is said that the “green ghost” that also have to mention that a Rolex watch “Blackwater ghost”, also from in the Rolex submariner series. And the Rolex submariner “green ghost” is the most obvious is the main difference is the difference and the disk of a watch, used to sedate classic black disk design.

The “green ghost” is more emphasis on fashion a little, a little younger, how does not fit tie-in dress watch, and the “green ghost” is here just to solve this kind of problem. The Rolex watch submariner also employed for oyster watchcase design, trip-lock crown style, to ensure that the watch waterproof up to 300 meters. This rolex swiss replica watches is easier to dress collocation, and can exercise, too.